About Us

The Danish National Aerospace NDT Board

The Danish National Aerospace NDT Board (NANDTB) is an nonprofit organization that oversees the training, qualification and certification of non-destructive testing (NDT) personnel in the aerospace industry.
The Danish NANDTB's mission is to promote and maintain a high standard of NDT practice and competence in the aerospace sector.
The Danish NANDTB works closely with other national and international NDT boards to harmonize NDT standards and practices across the aerospace industry.

Steering Committee


Chair Man

Jesper Hofmann Dall

Scandinavian Airlines System

E-Mail: chair@dandt.dk

Vice Chair Man

Klaus Bang Kruse Kristensen.

Danish Defence Maintenance Service

E-mail: vicechair@dandt.dk


Jens Jørn L.B. Madsen

Nordisk Svejse Kontrol A/S

E-mail: treasurer@dandt.dk


Oli Tindalid

Air Greenland

E-Mail: secretary@dandt.dk


Urban Klang

Force Aerospace

E-mail: scmember01@dandt.dk